Credibility is Required for Leaders to Gain Influence: 4 Ways to Build It

Credibility = believability; what makes you believable? Integrity and credibility are easy to lose and harder to gain. The key to gaining credibility is to be authentic and genuine. This is becoming harder as these words are losing meaning and power in our culture due to misinterpretation and application. Credibility is essential for a leader to […]

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6 Leadership Lessons I Learned from a Prostitute Named Rahab

Leadership can come from unlikely places and by overlooked people. I have read the story of Rahab many times and it wasn’t until recent that I saw the amazing and valuable leadership qualities she possessed. Rahab was a leader in her household and displayed qualities that put her among a list of great people of […]

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8 Ways to Pray for Your Senior Pastor and Leadership

Leading people can be both rewarding and difficult at the same time. It takes resolve, discipline, and most important prayer. People in leadership–specifically spiritual leadership–are more accountable to God, more subject to temptation, more targets of spiritual warfare, more visible to the public eye, and have more exposure to their marriage and children.   Paul […]

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Testing the Limits of Our Ability: Red Bull Kirimbawa

As a user and consumer of social media, I like to monitor how well I am doing in connecting with a larger audience. I use Klout to help me with social media analytics. In the process of using Klout, I received one of their perks. The perk was a 12-month subscription to The Red Bulletin, […]

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